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Powered by the best algo traders in the world through TKB – our membership utility and rewards token.

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The largest social network for algo and copy traders.

Discover and copy the best algorithmic traders in the world.

Our investors and partners

Join the social network for copy trading.

TokenBot® is a web3 membership network for copy trading.

Real-Time Data

TokenBot® provides real-time notifications of trades to Discord and Telegram groups.

Cross-Exchange Liquidity Engine

Copy traders can route orders to any supported exchange through our proprietary cross-exchange liquidity trading engine.

Tokenized Access

Investors are required stake TKB in their exchange wallet to copy orders from the network at any time.

Token Utility & Economics

TKB is a cross-chain membership utility and reward token.

Staking Rewards

Voting on proposals to add trading strategies to the network.

Airdrop Rewards

Eligibility for airdrops rewards for copying traders.


Approval of treasury funds for marketing and network development initiatives.


Token Distribution and Allocation

The total supply of TKB is permanently fixed at 1 billion tokens.

Minting capability:

Minting can only be executed by the owner of the smart contract.

Burning capability:

Burning can only be executed by any token holder.

Locked tokens:

Tokens will be unlocked over a period of 36 months, in accordance with the predetermined unlock schedule in the chart below, starting on August 1st, 2022.

Community and the legacy holders.
505,000,000 tokens for community rewards
Community airdrops and marketing partnerships rewards distributed via TokenBot.
5,000,000 tokens to Phemex Launchpad participants
Token launch on Phemex launchpad in early August.
DAO treasury, trading desk funds and marketing initiatives
297,000,000 tokens to DAO treasury for trading desk funds and marketing initiatives.
8,250,000 unlocked per month for 36 months.
The founders and early contributors behind TokenBot.

*7% worth of TokenBot founders are being donated to various charities and foundations over the next 36 months.
142,000,000 tokens to launch contributors. Lockup schedules vary by contributor but fall into one of the following:
Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 3,944,444.44 unlocked per month for 36 months.
Early advisors and contributors of the TokenBot network.
51,000,000 tokens to early advisors and contributors of TokenBot
Initial lock-up for 12 months, then 1,416,666.67 unlocked per month for 36 months

Product Roadmap


Social Copy Trading

Find and copy the best algo traders


TokenBot Network

Tokenized blockchain-enabled network for algorithmic traders


Q3 2019

100+ algo traders

$15M AUM
$200M ADV

Algo Trading Desk Community

Vote to fund the best algo traders.

TokenBot Desk

Official DAO and governance token for algo trading community

Q3 2022

1500+ members

$5M funded

Decentralized Futures Exchange

Trade up to 100x Perpetual Futures

TokenBot DEX

Perpetual Futures Decentralized Exchange

Q1 2023

In Partnership with ApolloX

$100M ADV

NFT Membership Cards

All-Access pass to the best algo traders.

TokenBot Card

NFT Membership access to our private community.

Q2 2023

2000+ users on waiting list

TokenBot Desk

Web3 Algorithmic Trading Community

Join the TokenBot Discord community. Discover and learn from the best algorithmic traders in the world.

Get Funded

Apply for funding for your algorithmic strategies up to $100,000 USD approved by the TokenBot DAO.

Find Investors

Partner with investors who want to access your strategy through the TokenBot network.

Earn Community Rewards

Earn community airdrops in TKB based on network usage by your algorithmic strategies.

TokenBot Card

NFT Membership Cards

TokenBot Card is a collection of computational geometric NFT card designs on the Ethereum blockchain.
Your TokenBot Card serves as your membership card, and grants access to all TokenBot algo traders, discounts in trading fees on the TokenBot DEX® – our decentralized exchange, and TokenBot Desk, our private Discord community.

TokenBot DEX

Decentralized Perpetual Futures Exchange

Trade on the future of decentralized exchanges with TokenBot DEX®.